Mini Models Runway is an esteemed organisation committed to setting a new standard in the realm of kid’s fashion. Driven by a profound vision, our focus extends beyond the runway, aiming to provide unparalleled services and opportunities for the younger generation. At Mini Models Runway, we are dedicated to cultivating an environment where each fashion showcase becomes a platform for both artistic expression and valuable learning experiences. Our commitment is to nurture young talent, instill a sense of discipline, and create a space where the fusion of creativity and education defines the trajectory of each kid’s journey.

Mini Models Runway is a fashion runway showcase specifically tailored for kids, providing a platform where young talents can shine. This unique event celebrates the creativity, diversity, and budding fashion sense of the next generation. By spotlighting mini models, it not only nurtures their self-expression but also promotes inclusivity in the fashion industry, encouraging a positive and inspiring environment for kids to explore their interests and embrace their individuality.

Yes, kids within the age range of 3 to 15 are eligible to take part in the showcase, which provides a diverse range of opportunities for youngsters within this age bracket to showcase their talents, skills, and potential

You can find the showcase schedule by following this link: https://minimodelsrunway.com/upcoming-events/. Guidelines and specific time slots will be provided one week in advance of the showcase.

Rest assured, the outfit will be provided by us, and a fitting session for your kid’s runway attire will be conducted on the day before the showcase.

Yes, there is a shortlisting process in Mini Models Runway, where our team shortlists kids based on specific criteria.

Before the showcase, your kid’s makeup and styling will be professionally handled by the experts from our salon partner.

No, the kids will get yummy and healthy meals in hygienically sealed boxes from our side only at the venue.

Ensuring the safety of all kids is our utmost concern. Our highly trained staff is committed to enforcing safety protocols in every situation. At Mini Models Runway, we maintain a professional and welcoming environment by being vigilant and alert at all times. Any inappropriate behavior by anyone is not tolerated, as it can hinder the learning process for the kids and disrupt the Mini Models Runway environment. Our goal is to provide a friendly and highly secure environment for all participating kids, allowing them to focus on learning and have peace of mind.

At Mini Models Runway, we prioritise the privacy of kids and their parents. We maintain strict privacy policies to ensure that all photos, videos, and personal information are securely protected and not susceptible to any harm or misuse. Rest assured, no personally identifiable information is ever shared with any third party. To learn more about our privacy policy, please visit https://minimodelsrunway.com/privacy-policy/.

The event typically spans around 5 hours, encompassing practice sessions, grooming, photoshoots, and the runway show.

In the modeling industry, a “Z card” is a composite card that serves as a promotional tool. It showcases a model’s top photographs, various poses, vital statistics, contact information, and agency representation. Z cards are valuable for models to market themselves to potential clients, including fashion designers, photographers, and agencies, providing a concise and versatile representation of their qualifications. After the show, your Z card will be delivered to your provided address.

Absolutely, we’ll capture various perspectives of your kid’s runway walk, and you will receive eight top-notch digital copies of professionally shot photos of your kid, including a picture of your kid with you, the parents. As for the showcase video, it will be shared on both our Facebook page and YouTube channel following the event.

The showcase offers kid’s futuristic opportunities through a combination of social media exposure and comprehensive grooming. It serves as a platform for nurturing their talents and enhancing their skill sets, ultimately positioning them for a wide range of potential prospects. This includes the chance to feature on social media platforms, which can significantly elevate their visibility and, simultaneously, through grooming, refine their personal and professional qualities, making them well-prepared for an array of future opportunities.

After we receive your confirmation, we will promptly send you an email containing payment details. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a welcome letter and a payment acknowledgment from us.

A single, all-inclusive participation fee of Rs. 15,340 (comprising Rs. 13,000 and 18% GST) covers the entire event. Payment can be facilitated through various channels, including Bank Transfer, NEFT, IMPS, G-Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, and Debit/Credit Card.